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From An Angry Reader:

You created this Frankenstein.

 You have a lot to answer for.

 G-d is looking down on you, and He is not smiling.

 You all are in your 80s. That’s the good thing in all this. Nobody lives forever and you all are a helluva lot closer to the “final reward” than I am.

 It will be wonderful living in a world bereft of you.

 “Not a threat, just a thought.”

 Daniel Weir

Washington, DC


Victor Davis Hanson’s Reply:


Dear Angry Reader,

Actually if (a) Trump is Frankenstein, then (b) Obama created him by polarizing the country, ignoring the red states in-between the coasts, institutionalizing executive orders, commenting on ongoing criminal cases, allowing his administration to be plagued by scandals (IRS, GSA, VA, etc.), not investigating the Russian collusions of the Clinton Foundation (see the recent articles in The Hill), and bringing popular culture (cf. GloZell) into the presidential orbit.

Actually, I am 16 years from my “80s” and if there is to be a “final reward” as I think there is, then the end is not to be feared or what is left behind to be lamented.

Victor Hanson

Selma, CA


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