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A Novel VDH

Reliving the fall of Sparta: An interview.

by Katheryn Jean Lopez

National Review Online

Victor Davis Hanson, known as VDH to his fans, has a new book out. This time, it’s a novel, The End of Sparta. He talked with National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez about the Greeks and the novel. Read more →

The Ancient World As It Was

by Cody Carlson

The Deseret News

Review of The End of Sparta by Victor Davis Hanson, Bloomsbury Press, 2011 Read more →

The End of Sparta: An Excerpt

Private Papers

After the battle of Leuktra, and the defeat of Sparta, the Thebans parley with the Spartan general Lichas, who remains as defiant as ever: Read more →

Excerpts: The End of Sparta

by Victor Davis Hanson

PJ Media

The End of Sparta [2] comes out today. Now and then I will post excerpts from the novel. Read more →

VHD’s New Novel, an Excerpt

Private Papers

The End of Sparta was released this week. Here is an excerpt: The Boiotians vote to invade Sparta. But before the assembly breaks up the old philosopher Alkidamas speaks to the crowd: Read more →

A Tale and Taste of Ancient Greece: The End of Sparts Reviewed


Publishers Weekly

Leading classicist Hanson (The Father of Us All) focuses on the Theban defeat of the renowned Spartan army in 371 B.C.E. Read more →

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