1 thought on “The Truth with Lisa Boothe: Episode 13: A Farmer’s Wisdom with Victor Davis Hanson

  1. You’re spot on. I was hooked on your writings after reading Mexifornia many years ago. We’re sadly sitting here watching this great country go socialist. I’m ret mil and have lived in four foreign countries and traveled and worked in probably 18-20 during my mil career and after. (My last three years were in the Pentagon.) People have to experience bad countries to appreciate good ones. Unfortunately, our kids today coming out of college are totally brainwashed. And the rest don’t have any sense of history and only see short sound/video bytes on their phones. I don’t do Facebook, twitter, etc. and never have after working 16 years in the IT business (after retiring from the mil). We raised rock-solid children, all conservative, and with great work ethics. And yes, I’m now a “gentleman farmer” raising oranges in the San Joaquin Valley. Appreciate your honest insightful thoughts and writings, don’t let “them” silence you.

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