Obama Unbound

by Victor Davis Hanson

Tribune Media Services

Richard Nixon went to Red China with political impunity. Had a Democrat tried that, he would have been branded a Commie appeaser. Continue reading “Obama Unbound”

Yet Another Reason to Leave the UN

by Bruce S. Thornton

FrontPage Magazine

No one familiar with the sordid history of the United Nations should be surprised at the moral idiocy recently on display in Turtle Bay, when the General Assembly cheered Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ demand for statehood despite offering Israel nothing in return. Continue reading “Yet Another Reason to Leave the UN”

The Cheney Memoir: Hype and Reality

by Victor Davis Hanson

NRO’s The Corner

I’m about halfway through the new Cheney memoir, In My Time, and it does not at all resemble the media’s description of it — a highly controversial book preoccupied with scoring points against rivals — which suggests that many of those who have written about it have not read it. Continue reading “The Cheney Memoir: Hype and Reality”

Libya Is Not Iraq

by Victor Davis Hanson

National Review Online

The Left is terribly embarrassed about the US intervention in Libya. We have preemptively attacked an Arab Muslim nation that posed little threat to the national-security interests of the United States. Continue reading “Libya Is Not Iraq”

Clueless on Cario

by Victor Davis Hanson

PJ Media

My Three-week Victory, Your Seven-year Mess

It is difficult trying to figure out what the left’s position is on democracy and the Middle East. Here’s a brief effort. Continue reading “Clueless on Cario”

The Middle East and the Multicultural Nightmare

by Victor Davis Hanson

PJ Media

Obama’s Multiculturalism vs. Bush’s Freedom

Let us be honest. Most of George Bush’s admirable support — as voiced in his 2005 inaugural address — for freedom abroad was de facto abandoned by 2006-7. Condoleeza Rice had championed Egyptian dissidents, but within a year that advocacy was dropped and we were back to the Mubarak paradigm as usual. Continue reading “The Middle East and the Multicultural Nightmare”

A US Foreign Policy Marked by Competence and Strength

by Victor Davis Hanson


I would like to know if Victor sees any merit in the president’s attempt to appeal to ordinary Muslims via his bully pulpit? Does celebrating Ramadan in the White House or wishing Persians Happy New Year accomplish anything that can aid our efforts in the Middle East and elsewhere? If not, is it a matter of degree? (Ricochet member Trace Urdan) Continue reading “A US Foreign Policy Marked by Competence and Strength”