‘Muslim’ Jesus Demands Sharia Law and Jizya Tribute

by Raymond Ibrahim // RaymondIbrahim.com 

Time and again, Muslims, especially those in Egypt, project Islamic thinking onto Christians: thus the Coptic church has been accused of smuggling and storing weapons in its churches to take over the nation (when in fact mosques are regularly exposed housing illegal weapons for the jihad); of kidnapping and torturing Coptic girls who convert to Islam (when in fact Muslim converts to Christianity—apostates—are regularly beat, imprisoned, and sometimes killed); and even of supporting suicide-attacks when the church speaks of Copts being martyred (because in Islam being “martyred” so often means actively sacrificing one’s life in “holy war”). Continue reading “‘Muslim’ Jesus Demands Sharia Law and Jizya Tribute”

Fidelity and the Presidency

by Victor Davis Hanson

Tribune Media Services

The news media seem obsessed with the serial affairs of a younger Newt Gingrich back in the last century. Continue reading “Fidelity and the Presidency”

Rationalizing Pedophilia in Islam

by Raymond Ibrahim

Jihad Watch

Earlier this month we saw — or rather, were once again reminded — that Islam permits pedophilia in the guise of “marriage”: Continue reading “Rationalizing Pedophilia in Islam”