The Traditionalist: All the Lies and Pretense

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 and Just the News

Victor Davis Hanson and Jack Fowler talk about Toobin’s folly, Fauci’s fraud, Biden-Harris diplomacy, and the price of Trump derangement syndrome. Does the new American right have an answer to all the dissimulation?

Historian’s Corner: Assessing America in the Age of Woke

Victor Davis Hanson // Private Papers

Part One

Wokism took off in June 2020. It became institutionalized after Joe Biden became president. We have now had nearly five months of the radical Biden political agenda to seep through the larger popular culture. So where are we now in this suddenly strange and nearly unrecognizable land?


For all Biden’s socialist talk, so far the Trump deregulation and tax cuts are still in effect. Their fumes should fuel a short recovery boom, given pent-up demand and post-Covid mania to eat out, to travel, to splurge, and to buy. Eventually, most Americans will leave their home lotus-eating pads and re-climatize back to work.

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