Angry Reader #8 — “Angriest Reader”

“Hey Victor well i cant say that im honored to write you this piece of which im sure youll not respond to it.

I was taken aback and rather disturbed by the puny little brain you have that thinks youre a credible scholar of history but i digress to say otherwise more like a child with a child like mentality of which people of your persuasion suffer mightily delusions of grandeur.

Youve stated in an offhanded way that white kids and people in general need to avoid blk boys and men all together due to their criminal capacity to rob rape steal.

HMMM i thought about this for a sec and said to myself this white guy is in denial of the psychopathic delusional mentality that white people in general share which is an innate natural tendency for scat pls look at this site to see the debased nature of whites —-

With such attributes and the fact that white are more violent than all racial groups combined in all categories like rape pedophilia murder robberies and asaults I find your thoughts and words to be quite FUNNY and HILARIOUS to say the least.

Certainly you must be aware of the FBI stats on crime but then again white people like yourself think they live in a brady bunch father knows best neighborhood where theres lil or no incidence of crime but i digress to say that this is white peoples and in particular white boys and men problems ther has been a serious lack of historical awareness as to who did what when how and to that end I can say beyond the shadow of the doubt white people have no history to claim they are indigenous to no part of this globe and furthermore white people came into existence some 6k yrs ago and are black in origin.

This black origin stems from the fact that black people are the Original people of the planet and the white are a genetic recessive weak copy of the blk man and woman.

After mating with the neanderthal ape whites have been and are known to have tails as long as a dog of which i will try to attach a foto if not i may email them to you but feel free to google whites born with tails and you will see your proud history laid bare.

To conclude it was the blk man and woman that civilized the rather and still uncivilized white man for which till this day the white man has brought nothing but death and destruction to the 4 corners of the world and has placed humanity backward some 500 yrs if the blks who ran the world up to 1492 after being kicked out of spain were still in control we would be 500 yrs more advanced.

If you care to please write to my email or FB as well —— Id love to hear you refute the evidence and Id love to have a discussion on the air about this topic perhaps it can help you with your psychosis due to the grossly ignorant level of understanding which is nothing but delusions of grandeur.”

Victor’s Response:

I received lots of unhinged letters after writing about the tragedy of the Trayvon Martin trial, but this one is the most delusional. You did not read the National Review article. In it, I made it quite clear to any informed reader that we are going to make little progress in the increasingly polarized debate over race, if it ossifies, in the manner typified by both Barack Obama and Eric Holder, over stand your ground laws or supposed stereotyping of young inner black youth by either police or the general public. Those were not the expressed issues of the trial, as the prosecutor, the FBI, and at times the family, at least before the verdict, denied the incident was racially motivated.
I wrote that to the degree that the general public is wary of particular suspects—not of blacks, not of rural people, not of the elderly or young, not of women, but often of inner-city black males between the ages of 15-40—it is largely, as I wrote, due most likely not to racism, but to inordinate percentages of violent crime in this particular group, in which 3-5% of the general population statistically account for a disproportionate percentage of all violent criminal acts. Almost half of the annual murdered in the US are African-American victims, and in 93% of the cases the assailants were other African-Americans. Black youths are seven times more likely to commit murder than are white or Hispanic counterparts. We can argue about the causes of this fact—the legacy of racism, or current bias, or neglect by the general population, dependency on Great Society era programs, epidemic rates of arrests, illegitimacy, drug use, glorification in the popular culture of violence and misogyny, etc.— but not the facts itself.
In other words, the crisis of the inner city is not grounded in either police stereotyping or a nation of George Zimmermans let loose. As a nation we will make little progress if the sort of racist accusation typified by this letter silences candid and fact-based assessments.
As far as George Zimmerman, he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. We will never know exactly what transpired on the night of the death of Trayvon Martin, only that the shooting was found not to be either 2nd degree murder or manslaughter. If we prune away the media untruth, and the use of the case by activists to advance particular political agendas, we are left with a tragic altercation between a black youth and a Latino neighborhood watch volunteer, on a dark, rainy night, with all sorts of likely scenarios that cannot be substantiated. How this serves as an indictment of a supposedly racist America is unclear; but ill-informed letters like this only add to the tension and untruth. The logic, composition, and racism of the letter speak for themselves.


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