Angry Reader

From an Angry Reader:

Mr. Hanson,

Normally, I would find a credentialed resume such as yours quite impressive and interesting, however, the deluded and incredulous nonsense I witnessed you spouting on FOX News with Tucker Carlson, that Russian involvement with the Trump campaign exists only as a ‘trumped up’ Dem Big Lie to destroy a narcissistic buffoon unqualified for the office to which he conned his way into, exhibits your resume to be a sham. It’s not that I disagree with you–it’s because you’re so overtly full of it and only serving to make a bad situation facing the country worse.

Seriously, Mr. Hanson, you have got to be on crack and shilling BS for FOX to support your habit. You clearly have no shame and no conscience, but certainly no shortage of ego to be disseminating that crap. You’re no educator, you’re an entertainer and a poor one at that when doing your act for anyone benefitting of intelligence and a discerning eye and ear for bullshit.


Ivan Appelrouth

Victor Davis Hanson’s Reply:

Dear Angry Reader Ivan Appelrouth,

You fulfill most of the criteria for a diagnosis of Trump Derangement Syndrome—and so much so that you seem on the verge of some sort of emotional episode.

Personal invective/ad hominem? Check (e.g., “your resume to be a sham”; “full of it”; “on crack”; “no shame and no conscience”).

Hysterical capital letters? Check (e.g., “BS”).

Potty words? Check (e.g., “crap”; “bullshit”).

Absolute absence of argument, evidence, references? Checknot a single fact-based objection or any evidence at all to prove your rant.

If you were a serious critic, you would demonstrate how I was incorrect in asserting that the Steele dossier originated with Never Trump Republicans and was picked up by the Clinton campaign, then turned over to the FBI, leaked—and then only to be thoroughly discredited; that reset was a Clinton-Obama offspring; that Clinton-Obama foreign policy enabled Putin, from annexing borderlands to committing cyber-attacks; that after six months of constant media attacks and government investigations no one has found any evidence that Trump colluded with the Putin government to ensure the Clinton campaign lost; that the supposed Russian involvement, even if proven true, did not influence the final the outcome of the election (e.g., forcing Hillary to skip Wisconsin, or to call a quarter of the country deplorables and irredeemables, or to campaign in Georgia and Arizona rather than blue wall states, or to forgo critical polling in the last weeks, etc.); and that the Obama administration’s intelligence appointees surveilled the Trump campaign people, unmasked identities, and leaked that information illegally to the press.

So “seriously,” Mr. Appelrouth, you must define what are the precise crimes that Trump is to be charged with, show evidence or likelihood that he committed them, and then establish that they are singular grounds for impeachment. In way of comparison, even promising to Russian president Dmitry Medvedev on a hot mic to be flexible after an election with Vladimir Putin, allowing North American uranium holdings to fall into Russian-interest hands, or striking secret deals whose ancillary agreements that only surface post facto, etc. are not grounds for impeachment.

I appreciate the compliments on the curriculum vitae.


Victor Hanson

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