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Obama’s Proxy War on Mideast Christians

by Raymond Ibrahim

PJ Media

With the recent decision to arm the opposition fighting Syrian President Assad, the United States has effectively declared a proxy war on Syria’s indigenous Christians—a proxy war that was earlier waged on Christians in other Mideast nations, resulting in the abuse, death, and/or mass exodus of Christians. Read more →

Liberal Apartheid

The elite mostly lead a reactionary existence of talking one way and living another.

by Victor Davis Hanson

National Review Online

One of the strangest things about the modern progression in liberal thought is its increasing comfort with elitism and high style. Over the last 30 years, the enjoyment of refined tastes, both material and psychological, has become a hallmark of liberalism — hand in glove with the art of professional altruism, so necessary to the guilt-free enjoyment of the good life. Take most any contemporary issue, and the theme of elite progressivism predominates. Read more →

C-Span: After Words with Victor Davis Hanson

VDH talks about his new book, The Savior Generals: How Five Commanders Saved Wars that Were Lost – From Ancient Greece to Iraq with Kim Kagan, president and founder of the Institute for the Study of War

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