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06-25-18 Angry Reader

From An Angry Reader:

What is wrong with you? You see what Trump is doing over 3000 lies and yet you still can condemn Hillary!


Dear Angry Reader Rhonda Welsch,

First, congratulations. You get only a 1 out of 10 on the Angry Reader Scale (for silly exaggeration [e.g. “ over 3000 lies”; but why not 3001? Or 2999?]), given that you omitted the usual CAPITAL LETTERS, the repeated exclamation points, the obscenity, the ad hominem slurs, and the usual grammatical and syntactical lapses. Much appreciated.

Second, of course, Trump fibs, obfuscates, exaggerates, and fabricates. But so far, he has avoided the existential lies (the Syrian redlines; the Benghazi video yarn, the Bowe Bergdahl fantasies, the Iran Deal, the Obamacare “keep you doctor,” “keep your insurance plan,” or Hillary’s 30,000 emails about yoga and a wedding) of the Obama-Clinton lies.

Third, here is a brief paragraph from a forthcoming book I wrote on the Trump phenomenon that might better explain the Trump-Clinton divide:

Clinton was a creature of government, Trump often at war with it. Her essence was predicated on the approval of an elite; he thrived on its disdain. Hillary’s misdeeds were far worse than her reputation; the Donald’s reputation far worse than his misdeeds. He could be authentically gross; she inauthentically prim. And his animal cunning was usually prescient; her sober assessments almost always flawed. Trump certainly could be cruel to individuals; but kind to the public; Clinton was kind to her particular friends, but predictably cruel to people. Trump sloppily exaggerated and fabricated; she carefully lied and dissimulated. Trump exhausted a limited vocabulary; Clinton an even more limited body of ideas.

Sincerely, Victor Davis Hanson

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Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence in Classics and Military History at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, a professor of Classics Emeritus at California State University, Fresno, and a nationally syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services. He is also the Wayne & Marcia Buske Distinguished Fellow in History, Hillsdale College, where he teaches each fall semester courses in military history and classical culture.

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