The American Way of War

by Victor Davis Hanson

Defining Ideas

William Shawcross, the British journalist, historian, and human rights advocate — once a fierce critic of the Nixon-Kissinger years, now a defender of the West’s struggle against radical Islam — has written the best book yet on the dilemmas Western governments face in dealing with Islamic terrorists.1 Continue reading “The American Way of War”

Obama’s Illiberal Foreign Policy

by Victor Davis Hanson

National Review Online

The incoming hope-and-change Obama administration advanced the narrative that at home and abroad it cared far more for people than profits. Continue reading “Obama’s Illiberal Foreign Policy”

An American Versailles

The liberal message ia all style and impotence.

by Victor Davis Hanson

NRO’s The Corner

Editor’s Note: What follows is a collection of recent Corners from VDH.

The Shape of 2012 to Come

The outburst from Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the so-called Shanghai Cooperation Organization should close the chapter on the much bandied about “outreach” to Iran voiced by candidate Obama in 2008. Continue reading “An American Versailles”

Of Hawks and Flies

by Bruce S. Thornton

Advancing a Free Society

The international order — comprising the United Nations, interstate diplomacy, organizations like NATO, and all the other transnational institutions that are supposed to keep the global peace and deter aggression — reminds me of the Spanish proverb about laws: they catch flies and let the hawk go free. Continue reading “Of Hawks and Flies”

Our Schizoid Foreign Policy

by Victor Davis Hanson

National Review Online

Are we stupid abroad by accident or design?

In the manner of a doctor, let us review the symptoms of our present foreign policy and then offer a diagnosis: Continue reading “Our Schizoid Foreign Policy”

The Loud Passing of the Old Order

by Victor Davis Hanson

Tribune Media Services

American reality has been turned upside down in just 20 years. Continue reading “The Loud Passing of the Old Order”