Eeyore’s Cabinet: Where Does it All End?

Victor Davis Hanson // Private Papers

Eeyore could continue, but what we are witnessing is unapologetic nihilism. We are engaged in a suicidal impulse to delight in primaeval tribalism, to destroy the entire concept of merit—and to erect in its place a Sovietized system largely overseen by middle-aged,  privileged white people and minority elites, who as bureaucrats, lawyers, politicians, media functionaries, and academics dream up these apartheid systems, apply them to less well-off others, and then traverse around the very consequences of their own ideologies.

I am not cynical, but I do expect that homeless camps will not pop up next to Silicon Valley prep schools (as they do near Seattle public schools), that the walls of Montecito and Malibu were better erected than the pre-Trump rickety border fence, and that the pilots of John Kerry’s or Mark Zuckerberg’s private jets were and will be selected only on the basis of meritorious records of flying, period.

Where does it lead? A vast Lord of the Flies nation, worshiping a Boar’s Head, with victory going to the strongest tribe? 

Fortified hamlets and pockets similar to the world of Augustine in the 4th Century AD, outside Hippo Regius? 

Our major downtowns now the weedy streets and rubble-filled agoras of the abandoned heartland city-states of Roman-era Greece, as described by Pausanias and Plutarch? 

The medieval keep and the peasantry hugging its outside walls?

A return to 1970s and early 1980s, popularized by Dirty HarryDeath Wish, and Escape From New York

Or the Time Machine’s Morlocks and Eloi?

Or just our same old, same old juxtaposition of the pre- and post-modern slow decline, in which the rule of law has been replaced by the rule of the tribe. But then again as the great economist Adam Smith warned us, there is a lot of ‘ruin’ in a successful state to bank on, as we consume the inherited gifts from the hard work, investment, and sacrifice of our betters now long dead—and maligned for their generous inheritance to us.

Eeyore’s Cabinet: The Racial Golden Calf

Victor Davis Hanson // Private Papers

A multiracial democracy of the 21st century has abruptly begun worshiping superficial appearances, as it announces that everything from the order of vaccinations and farm aid to cash vouchers for the poor and dorm selections will be determined by race, in utter violation of the U.S. Constitution that is increasingly despised, especially its Bill of Rights. (Have you noticed that the Left now feels about the First Amendment the same way it always despised the Second?)

The ultimate premise of disparate impact is not proof of ongoing systemic racism and discrimination, but rather the fumes of racism from the pre-Civil rights era: a white generation, which grew up during affirmative action, supposedly exercises unearned privilege, as a non-white generation claims the prejudices shown its parents, but more likely its grandparents, justify reparatory action for themselves—as class vanishes entirely in the matrix. 

The result is predictable: multi-millionaires like Oprah and Megan Markel nurse their hurts on air, presumably and indirectly, inflicted by the culture of those devious deplorable mechanics in Elko and car salesmen of York. 

I suggest we end the term “white people.” Better is: “certain” white people—given those of the middle and lower classes have little in common with white elites. In a reductionist sense, so much of the hatred of the Left is a thinly disguised attack not on “white people”, but on supposedly less hip, not cool and hardly “successful” white people whom the left brands as deplorables, irredeemables, chumps, clingers, Neanderthals, and dregs, to quote our three illustrious and tolerant wise men and women, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. 

Optimism, Inc. Part 5: The Most Privileged of the Privileged?

Victor Davis Hanson // Private Papers

Our finally irony this week? Who is the White Privileg-ist of all? Hunter Biden, of course. 

What inner-city denizen, what white Deplorable from Butte would be given a pass if he left his crack pipe and substance in his rental car? Or was given an age and drug conviction waiver to enter the Navy—only to be quietly asked to leave for drug use? 

Or who from his twenties onward was gifted by the swamp administrations of both parties with serial billets in make-work job on boards and bureaucracies? And what clinger or “chump” would become a multimillionaire, by peddling his family’s name to the highest bidding foreign government or domestic corporation? 

And who among us has violated gun registration laws, as well as prostitution, drug, and pornography statutes with complete exemption? Who has lied repeatedly in public about his transgressions, and had his now president-father lie to the country that his son was a victim of “Russian disinformation”, the sort of fables that a murderous Putin now remembers as his troops muster on the Ukrainian border?

We do not know the precise percentages of attribution within Hunter Biden’s world of privilege: Was his last name 80 percent of the con? Did being pampered, male and white account for the other 20 percent?  

Yet how can any woke movement still exist when the President’s son, whose transgressions the President serially lies about, is the epitome of all the supposed pathological perks which the president has pledged to end?

The New Racism Is the Old Racism

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness

What will be the future of the mass hysteria spawned last summer? No one knows. 

But its destination, if unchecked, will be ethnic tensions and sectarian strife at best akin to those in Brazil and India—or at worst Lebanon, Syria, and Rwanda. 

Until just a few years ago, racial differences, according to polls, were more or less receding. Intermarriage between racial groups is at historic highs. 

But by 2014-2015, with the birth of Black Lives Matter, its courting by the Obama Administration, and the emergence of the electronic social media mob and cancel culture, such progress seems to have ended. We have ceased seeing race as increasingly incidental, rather than essential to who we are. 


Eeyore’s Cabinet: 1984 Came and Nobody Cared

Victor Davis Hanson // Private Papers

No free society can long survive in such a climate of untruth when its media is an Orwellian ministry of truth, and the entire population is nursed on mendacity. We are now suffering through “Hunter’s laptop” psychodrama. Everyone knew in October 2020 that it was genuine—and dangerous to Joe Biden’s campaign. (A drug-crazed child of entitlement who leaves a crack pipe and his substance in a rented car is quite capable of not claiming his laptop, replete with incriminatory photos and embarrassing chit-chat with the now President of the United States).

So the media not only squashed the truth, but went after the purveyors of the truth. And now? We are reduced to a sick spectacle of Hunter, plugging his family memoir amid toady journalists, clumsily lying still.  The excuse of Russian disinformation goes down the memory hole, and Team Biden scrambles to ensure there are no incriminating quid pro quos on those 100,000 emails and texts. 

A FBI, which erased the phone records of some of the Dream Team, and lots of texts of the Page-Strozk trysts, can surely help out here. And if not, it can rehire Crowdstrike, Inc. or Hillary’s Justin Cooper and his hammer.

So who are the reporters who suppress the truth about the Biden laptop, concoct Russian collusion, assure us that the January 6 was a preplanned “armed” insurrection, where “five” people were violently “killed” (fill in the blanks by whom), and scan the day’s news to highlight or suppress stories based on their woke utility? 

What social-economic landscape created these people? Which university climate prepped them? What values nursed them? What ethical rules guide them? What do they want from the fabrication of lies? What or whom are they scared of? Why do they despise a country that enriched them and made them the most leisured and affluent generation in history? 

Is the answer to their self-loathing, Dirty Harry’s “Because they like it”, or Virgil’s “They can, because they think they can”? or in the end maybe Kamala Harris’s “They’re not gonna stop!”