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Reading Between the Lines

by Raymond Ibrahim

Jihad Watch

When reading Western reports dealing with Islam, one must learn to read between the lines. Many of these reports do state the actual facts; but without providing proper context, Western readers are often left to interpret the information according to their own understandings. Read more →

Ibrahim, Fighting for Free Speech

Raymond Ibrahim 1, CAIR o (by KO)

by Jamie Glazov

FrontPage Magazine

Frontpage Interview’s guest is Raymond Ibrahim, associate director of the Middle East Forum, author of The Al Qaeda Reader, and editor of FPM’s new section on Muslim Persecution of Christians. Read more →

Muslim Brotherhood’s Method: “Impose Islam…Step by Step”

by Raymond Ibrahim

Hudson New York

Things are looking good for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the grandfather of all Islamist groups. Read more →

Weeping and Other Hysterics: Have Muslim Apologists Nothing More to Offer?

by Raymond Ibrahim

Hudson New York

From Congressman Keith Ellison’s emotional breakdown to CongresswomanJackie Speier’s accusations of “racism,” the hearings on Muslim radicalization have made it clear that those who oppose the hearings have little of substance to offer. Read more →

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