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The Muslim Brothers Get Paid to Threaten America

by Bruce S. Thornton

FrontPage Magazine

Remember last year’s giddy bipartisan enthusiasm over the “Arab Spring”? Read more →

Newt Challenges the Myth of Palestinian Nationalism

by Bruce S. Thornton

FrontPage Magazine

Newt Gingrich touched off a mini-firestorm when he told a Jewish television channel that the Palestinians are an “invented” people “who are in fact Arabs,” and “who were historically part of the Arab community.” Read more →

New Saudi Fatwa Defends Pedophilia as ‘Marriage’

by Raymond Ibrahim

Jihad Watch

Muslim “child-marriage” — euphemism for pedophilia — is making headlines again, at least in Arabic media: Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, a prominent cleric and member of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, just issued a fatwa asserting that there is no minimum age for marriage, and that girls can be married “even if they are in the cradle.” Read more →

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