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New Episode of The Classicist: Iran: Contours Of Conflict

Victor Davis Hanson analyses the recent escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran, grades the Trump Administration’s performance, and predicts what’s to come.

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New Episode of The Classicist: Versailles At 100

One Hundred years after the Treaty of Versailles ended World War I, Victor Davis Hanson argues that the effects of the agreement are widely misunderstood. In this episode, we look at Versailles in the context of the wider war (and the wartime diplomacy of the era), examine the American role in World War I, parse the claim that the First World War was little more than a tragic mistake, and scrutinize claims that modern geopolitical tensions have parallels to those of 1914.

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New Episode of The Classicist: Germany, The Soviet Union, And The Pact That Shaped World War II

On the 80th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Victor Davis Hanson reflects on how the short-lived German-Soviet treaty shaped the course of World War II — and what it revealed about the leadership styles of both Hitler and Stalin.

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New Episode of The Classicist: Thinking Strategically About Iran

Victor Davis Hanson explains why a change in circumstances since the Bush years necessitate a changed approach to the U.S. relationship with Iran.

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New Episode of The Classicist: Defending The West … From The West

With a new wave of congressional progressives claiming America is insufficiently committed to social justice, Victor Davis Hanson defends the country’s history of progress — and explains why it was dependent on traditions of western civilization that the critics now denounce.

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New Episode of The Classicist: Understanding Chinese Strategy

Victor Davis Hanson examines the strategic calculations behind China’s economic, political, military, and cultural initiatives.

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REELTALK: Victor Davis Hanson

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson’s interview with Audrey Russo on REELTALK here. Interview with Victor Davis Hanson

Click here to listen to the information-packed interview Robert Ringer did with the great Victor Davis Hanson, professor emeritus of classics at California State University, Fresno, and a Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

New Episode of The Classicist: Can Higher Education be Saved?

Victor Davis Hanson chronicles the factors that have led to the decline of American higher education and considers the prospects for recovery.

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New Episode of The Classicist: Immigration, Assimilation, And The Wall

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the current debate over immigration and the border wall, arguing that illegal immigration from Latin America actually subverts the goal of a more diverse country.

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New Episode of The Classicist: The Things That Divide Us

With the midterm elections underscoring the deep divides in American politics, Victor Davis Hanson gives his diagnosis of the factors driving political polarization.

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New Episode of The Classicist: The Future of NATO

Victor Davis Hanson tracks the historical trajectory of NATO — and explains the factors that threaten its future viability.

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Whiskey Politics Ep. 128

Ep. 128 – Victor Davis Hanson joins Dave Sussman at the Whiskey Politics “Malibu Studio” where they discuss whether America is in a new civil war, illegal immigration, Mexico, NAFTA, Europe, the FBI, cronyism, the Left going Lefter, California splitting, and the increasingly overwhelming news cycle. VDH answers questions from Ricochet Members and Whiskey Politics Facebook fans in this long form interview.

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New Episode of The Classicist: Trump And The Gordian Knot

Victor Davis Hanson describes how President Trump’s unconventional approach to foreign policy has often proved to be more effective than the conventional wisdom proffered by the Washington establishment.

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New Episode of The Classicist: The Ideology of Illegal Immigration

Victor Davis Hanson describes the philosophical conceits employed by defenders of illegal immigration — and explains how they’re undermining American society.

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Strategika Issue 50: Pakistan’s Partnership with the United States

For much of its short seventy-year history, Pakistan has managed to thoroughly mismanage its strategic relationships with great power patrons, regional competitors, and non-state clients. It has waged and lost four wars with a larger and more powerful India, supported terrorist organizations that have destabilized Afghanistan and conducted deadly attacks in neighboring India, and alienated its long-time American ally.

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Strategika Issue 49: The Value of Economic Sanctions

Why are sanctions so popular? Because “there is nothing else between words and military action to bring pressure upon a government,” explains Jeremy Greenstock, Britain’s long-term ambassador at the UN. It is bloodless—warfare on the cheap. Nonlethal means are the main attraction for democracies loath to go to war in remote places against states that do not pose an existential threat.

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