Optimism, Inc: Dante’s California Inferno—Nine months later.

Victor Davis Hanson // Private Papers Two weeks ago, I drove up Route 168 to Huntington Lake, sometimes known as Lakeshore, California.  I had not been there since winter. I have a small house up there, at nearly ground zero of the “Creek Fire” (September to December 2020) that devoured much of the central Sierra […]

Eeyore’s Cabinet: California Dreaming

If one came from Mars and examined the policies of the California legislature, courts, state-wide officials and governor, one would conclude that it is designed to destroy the emerging Mexican-American middle class (if we can even use such a sloppy term for vastly increasing numbers of so-called mixed marriages and families). The cause ultimately is […]

California’s Illogical Reparations Bill

Victor Davis Hanson // National Review California’s state legislature just passed, and Governor Gavin Newsom signed, Assembly Bill 3121 to explore providing reparations to California’s African-American population — 155 years after the abolition of slavery. Apparently, when California’s one-party government cannot find solutions to current existential crises, it turns to divisive issues that have little […]

The Same Old, Same Old California Suicide

Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Fall is almost here in California. So we know the annual script. A few ostracized voices will again warn in vain of the need to remove millions of dead trees withered from the 2013–14 drought and subsequent infestations, clean up tinderbox hillsides, and beef up the fire services. They will […]

California Apocalypto

Victor Davis Hanson // National Review So we can expect the following from our postmodern state government. There are the now-normal raging wildfires in the coastal and Sierra foothills. And they will be greeted as if they are not characteristic threats of 500 years of settled history, but leveraged as proof of global warming as […]

Yes, California Remains Mysterious — Despite the Weaponization of the Debate

Victor Davis Hanson // National Review California is touchy, and yet still remains confused, about incomplete data showing that the 40-million-person state, as of Sunday, April 12, reportedly had 23,777 cases of residents who have tested posted for the COVID-19 illness. The number of infected by the 12th includes 674 deaths, resulting in a fatality rate […]

Coronavirus: The California Herd

Victor Davis Hanson // National Review The bluest state’s public officials have been warning for weeks that California will be overwhelmed, given federal-government unpreparedness and the purported inefficacy of the local, state, and federal governments. California governor Gavin Newsom has assured his state that over half of the population — or, in his words, 56 percent […]