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Carnage & Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise of Western Power

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Independent Criticism

New York Times Extended Best Seller

“A provocative look at occidental aggression…precise, forceful writing, sets it apart from the season’s secondary–sourced, battle–baseed military histories. Hanson’s direct, literate style and his evenhandedness should appeal to the liberalist middle of the left and right alike. By isolating the ingredients of military success via elaborate examples, the book can potentially draw on two separate military–history readerships: those looking for theory and those looking for action.”—Publishers Weekly

“This is a brash book, purveying a refreshing brand of intellectual and political self–confidence…. At the heart of this big, combative and gutsy book there is an argument which is powerful and convincing.”—The Sunday Telegraph (London)

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About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence in Classics and Military History at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, a professor of Classics Emeritus at California State University, Fresno, and a nationally syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services. He is also the Wayne & Marcia Buske Distinguished Fellow in History, Hillsdale College, where he teaches each fall semester courses in military history and classical culture.