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The Future with Europe

The Swiss newspaper Junge Freiheit interviews VDH

Private Papers

JF: Professor Hanson, you criticize U.S. immigration policy in your recent bookMexifornia. What is it that bothers you about the development at the Southern border? Read more →

Our Ailing Meritocracy

Merit takes second place to gender and religion

by Raymond Ibrahim

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When all the political sophistry is said and done, there is no denying that the claim to fame of the Democratic Party’s two superstar candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, is that the one is a woman, the other black and from something of an “ambiguous” religious background (little wonder bland John Edwards stepped out, with the jocular yet true remark during January’s CNN Democratic Debate that being white and male wasn’t helping his cause). Read more →

Muslim “Moderates”

What’s in a word?

by Bruce S. Thornton

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The war against Islamic jihad continues to be compromised in the West by the dominant narrative that supposedly makes sense of the conflict. Read more →

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