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The Old Script

Does Obama really think he settles racism with relativism?

by Bruce S. Thornton

Private Papers

Barack Obama’s attempt to defuse the crisis in his presidential campaign caused by videos of his “spiritual mentor’s” bigoted sermons has been spun as “the most significant public discussion of race in decades,” as The New York Times gushed. Read more →

Paying the Piper

by Craig Bernthal

Private Papers

Temperance is not high in the current list of American virtues. We are the 9th most obese people on earth, according to the World Health Organization, with 74% of American’s over 15 identified as overweight. Read more →

No Small World

Biblical meaning of Amalek not lost.

by Raymond Ibrahim

Private Papers

During the eulogy of the eight slain students of the March 6 terrorist attack at Mercaz HaRav yeshiva school in West Jerusalem, highly-respected Rabbi Ya’akov Shapira made, for the average gentile, a rather illusive allusion regarding the attack: Read more →

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