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The Perfect Storm of Hating Bush: Part II

by Victor Davis Hanson

This is the second of four parts written for Private Papers.

Part Two
Why the new hysterical hatred?

There are a variety of ways to account for this unhinged hatred detailed in “The new candor about killing George Bush.” Read more →

Spread Democracy

What to ask John Kerry

by Victor Davis Hanson

New York Times

The New York Times asked a few leading commentators to pose questions to President Bush and Senator Kerry at the first debate on September 30th, 2004. Read more →

The Perfect Storm of Hating Bush: Part I

by Victor Davis Hanson

This series written for Private Papers will appear in four parts.

Part One
The new candor about killing George Bush

The American Left has become increasingly hysterical since September 11th. Read more →

The Fall

A bankrupt generation is fading away.

by Victor Davis Hanson

National Review Online

Dan Rather’s initial, furious street-side defense of an amateurish forgery — smug, huffy, self-righteous — brings to mind one of those bad movies about the Paris barricades, especially the grainy, black-and-white shots of powdered and wigged aristocrats on their way to the Guillotine, yelling out of their carriages at pitchfork-carrying peasants. Read more →

A Futile Foreign Policy

by Victor Davis Hanson

National Review Magazine

This essay appeared in the September 7, 2004 National Review Magazine.

John Kerry is worried about his record of support for gay unions, abortion-on-demand, and other hot-button liberal causes that rile moderate swing voters outside of New England. Read more →

See Ya, Iraq?

Leaving now would be a disaster.

by Victor Davis Hanson

National Review Online

“War is a series of catastrophes that results in victory.” — Georges Clemenceau Read more →

Our Moral Quagmire

by Victor Davis Hanson

Private Papers

Recently there was a demonstration not far from my home in central California. A number of illegal aliens were marching to demand the right to obtain California driver’s licenses. Their shrill advocates on television claimed that illegal residents of the state were willing to put up with demeaning questions about their legal status—but only if it meant in exchange gaining sanction to drive and obtain government identification. Read more →

The Other Olympics

Why so little anti-Americanism?

by Victor Davis Hanson

Private Papers

Well apart from the obvious lessons of the recent Olympic games that the amazing Greeks really did pull it off at the eleventh hour without major terrorist incidents, there was another story that remained largely ignored. Read more →

Who Whole World Is Watching

Three years of terrorism since September 11.

by Victor Davis Hanson

National Review Online

Chechen Islamicists burn up Russian airliners and shoot schoolgirls — and say they are victims, deprived of the chance for their own autonomous theocracy. Read more →

The Muslim Masses Know Otherwise

Why Islamic “moderates” and Western apologists create a costly smokescreen.

by Bruce S. Thornton

Private Papers

The brutal slaughter of children in Russia is yet another wake-up call we are not heeding. Read more →

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