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Angry Reader #10

Angry Reader:

We Americans are much better informed these days, and while your numbers may be accurate, you failed miserably to account for inflation and any increase in the gdp. I can only surmise that you disincluded this information in order to skew the numbers to your advantage.We call this lying. It is intended to make folks believe something that is not true. We Americans do not approve of lying. Read more →

Angry Reader #9 — A Facebook Comment

“I will concede that you are almost always right (no joke). However, I don’t agree that a year from now the “American public will have a vague idea that about a year earlier something happened sometime to someone in Syria, but what and when and where and why they are not quite sure.” Read more →

Angry Reader #8 — “Angriest Reader”

“Hey Victor well i cant say that im honored to write you this piece of which im sure youll not respond to it.

I was taken aback and rather disturbed by the puny little brain you have that thinks youre a credible scholar of history but i digress to say otherwise more like a child with a child like mentality of which people of your persuasion suffer mightily delusions of grandeur. Read more →

Angry Reader #7: A Response to “The Liberal Aristocracy”

Angry Reader #6 wrote: “Mr. Hanson unfolds the conservative Procrustean hide-a-bed. If a Democratic president is wealthy, he’s a hypocrite. If a Democratic president isn’t, then he’s guilt of envy and class warfare.”

VDH replied: Read more →

Angry Reader #6 Responds to “Bush Reconsidered”

Angry Reader #6 wrote:

“VDH Trash”

VDH do you actually believe this? I have to doubt your sanity. So many examples but I think the breezy dismissal of Iraq, not mentioning torture, the health of the economy circa 2009 and the Bush tax cuts relationship to the deficits are the real doozey’s. Read more →

Angry Reader #5

by Victor Davis Hanson

Private Papers

Angry Reader #5 wrote:

Don’t mean to troll here, but for the nth time, what is it about Obama or his agenda that wasn’t conservative mainstream thought even a few years ago?? He’s lowered taxes, been tough on defense, adopted a healthcare plan proposed by the Heritage Foundation Read more →

Angry Reader #4

by Victor Davis Hanson

Private Papers

Angry Reader #4 wrote:

You know, I remember, before Pajamas media, when I respected some of the writers that are now here (such as VDH) — but they’ve all turned into crazy cranks. Read more →

Angry Reader #3

by Victor Davis Hanson

Private Papers

Angry Reader #3 writes:

I won’t take the time to deconstruct your little essay line by line but trust me, almost everything you post is pure, unadulterated, kool-aid-inspired nonsense straight from the fever-swamp of the Reich-wing disinformation echo-chamber, Read more →

Angry Reader #2

by Victor Davis Hanson

Private Papers

Angry Reader #2 writes:

Typical crank piece by the professor, full of crap that people who don’t know California (but loathe it anyway) will eat up. Read more →

The Return of the Angry Reader

by Victor Davis Hanson

Private Papers

In response to a column on Libya one reader wrote:

But Hanson’s argument here is much bigger than the embassy killings. Except, I’m not entirely clear what the thesis is. Is he saying it was a mistake to go into Libya? Is he saying it was right that we went into Libya to stop the genocide that was going to occur, but that Obama bungled it? Read more →

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