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Pathei Mathos: What I Relearned the Last 12 Months

What doesn’t kill me, makes me sadder.

by Victor Davis Hanson // PJMedia

Photo via PJMedia

Photo via PJMedia

Greek tragedy often ends with a succession of personal disasters that doom an Oedipus or Ajax — apparently part of a divinely inspired nemesis (retribution) to pay back personal hubris (overweening pride).

The latter flaw seems to grow and grow until fate strikes the arrogant at the most opportune but still unlikely moment: a Nixon sweeping to a landslide victory in 1972, only to self-destruct over the cover-up of a two-bit, needless burglary. It apparently at last brought out his long-held character shortcoming (hamartia), theretofore seemingly either not too serious or at least adroitly managed.

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The Fall of the House of Clinton

Boys and girls, Count Victor presents a berrry, berrry scarrrrrry tale of political corruption run amok.

by Victor Davis Hanson // PJ Media

via PJ Media

via PJ Media

Hillary Clinton will probably survive her latest ethical disaster. James Carville — of “if you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find” fame  — is back again to pronounce the Clinton Foundation scandal as “diddly-squat.”   He may be right in the political sense. After all, we know the standard Clinton rescue plan from the past: her aging point-men like Carville, Lanny Davis, and Paul Begala flood the airways, yelling “prove it!” at their television hosts and declaring:

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The Putin Way

Putin is following a blueprint that dates back to Philip of Macedon.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online

The Forgotten Americans

Obama’s coalition is held together only by his personal mythography.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online

Thank You

SMH 1 9Thank all of you so much for your kind messages and thoughts in these difficult times. You are all the only reason that I write, and your comments have brought our family such solace in untold ways.

Sincerely your friend, 

Victor Davis Hanson 

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Susannah Merry Hanson: Obituary

Image 17Susannah Merry Hanson

Susannah Merry Hanson, age 27, passed away suddenly on November 13 in Los Angeles, California after a brief illness.

She was born in Selma, California on December 31, 1986.  She is survived by her mother Cara Webb Hanson of Clovis and Santa Cruz; her father Victor Davis Hanson of Selma; her older sister Pauline Davis Hanson Steinback, brother-in-law Shane Steinback and their daughters Maeve and Lila Steinback of Santa Cruz; and her brother William Frank Hanson of Clovis.

She is also survived by her maternal grandparents Armond and Tawana Webb of Coarsegold, and uncles and aunts Alfred and Karen Hanson of Selma, Nels and Vicki Hanson of San Luis Obispo, Maren Nielsen and Rory Robertson of Fresno, Dan and Cheryl Webb of Woodbridge, and Brenda Morton of Madera. Read more →

Our Make-It-Up World

Facts now pale in comparison with the higher truths of progressivism.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online

Garrison: VDH on Ottawa Shootings

1794722_10152844252649853_2798403492115586778_nAfter yesterday’s horrific shooting, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ottawa. We stand whole-heartedly with them in their fight against terrorism. Victor Davis Hanson gives his perspective on the Garrison Radio Show on 93.1 WIBC-FM that the Canadian Parliament shooting is yet another reminder of the threat we all face. For the full interview click:

From Comedy to Farce

by Victor Davis Hanson // PJMedia

obama_lies_big_12-4-13-2It was tragically comical that the commander in chief in just a few weeks could go from referring to ISIS as “jayvee” and a manageable problem to declaring it an existential threat, in the same manner he upgraded the Free Syrian Army from amateurs and a fantasy to our ground linchpin in the new air war. All that tragic comedy was a continuance of his previous untruths, such as the assurance that existing health plans and doctors would not change under the Affordable Care Act or that there was not a smidgeon of corruption at the IRS.

But lately the Obama confusion has descended into the territory not of tragedy or even tragic comedy, but rather of outright farce.

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Obama’s Ideal Revolution

America’s current revolutionary inspiration seems to derive more from Robespierre than Madison.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online

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